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Solve my language questions for the fourth grade of primary school, first semester

09-19-2021, 05:14 AM
Objectives of teaching my language
Preserving the tongue from error, keeping the pen from slipping, and forming sound linguistic habits.
Familiarize students with the power of observation and logical thinking.
Raising the faculty of deduction, judgment, reasoning, and other mental benefits that accrue to it by following the method of induction in studying grammar.

Using the rules to understand the words in the correct way, which helps to understand the meanings quickly
Providing students with the ability to use grammar in different linguistic situations.
Teaching students the basics of proper writing and the speed of correct drawing of the words they need in written expression.

The ability to understand and taste the text and extract pictures and images in proportion to the stage.
Develop the ability of dialogue and communication between people and communicate with them.
Develop the ability to listen well so that the student can focus attention on what she hears
The student acquires the ability to read aloud so that the words are pronounced correctly and the meanings are performed well

Increasing the student's linguistic wealth and developing information, experiences and culture, including its subjects of literature, culture and science.
You acquire the etiquette of speaking, especially good listening and respect for others

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